City Police


Digital issuance and validation of sanctions for Police

SOM-Pol solution allows City Police officers, on the one hand, to manage the issuing of penalties on the street thanks to the SOM-PDA mobile application and, on the other hand, from the SOM-DEN Web platform, to validate the proposals for complaints generated by any type of control device: fixed and mobile radars, photo-reflectors, access control cameras, ZBEs, LPR on-board vehicles, etc.

SOM-Pol is a set of modules for the integral digitalisation of the management of complaints by the City Police, allowing them to gain efficiency and productivity in order to focus on their mission. It includes a mobility solution for officers, a web management platform, integration of control devices and the sending of reports for processing.

           For street officer

     Through SOM-PDA installed on a smartphone, officers can issue any type of report against an infraction: traffic and other ordinance sanctions, in relation to the use of a speed camera or a breathalyser, with or without notification in hand. When scanning a number plate, the app warns if it belongs to an authorised list.

    SOM-PDA allows you to sign and print the report via bluetooth connected printer.

       The application can work offline, has a connection with the DGT’s ATEX 5, generates Mode 2 and Mode 3 60 booklet references and allows for the collection of the fine on the street.   

For agents in the room

    The proposals module of the SOM-DEN Web platform, specific software for the management of traffic, Blue Zones and/or Coexistence sanctioning files, allows you to consult, validate and reject all those proposals for complaints generated by the municipality’s control devices. Depending on the device, its location, the offence detected, the connection to ATEX 5, the proposal is precompleted. With one click, the proposal is validated and the associated file is created.  

      It adapts to any type of device and includes automatic number plate recognition functionality for those devices that do not have it.

      Once issued, the complaint is stored on the platform pending processing through the relevant agency.

Principales funcionalidades

      Integration between SOM-DEN Web and Android mobile devices. Online update, just like any Android application

      Online and offline operation.

    Connection with ATEX 5 to automatically obtain data on vehicles and offenders such as vehicle removal, search and seizure offender, vehicle without insurance, etc.

     If you already have control devices installed or a processing department, our SOM-WS integrates all the systems and offers compatibility with any file management software through online integration (T-Systems / TAO GtWin and GtMultas, GESPOL, etc.). We also offer the option to develop your own connector for other systems.

     Identification of special vehicles by ANPR.

    Ontime complaint collection

     Management of collections through barcodes C60 Modality 2.

    Photos of infractions associated with the files.


Centralized management of all complaints

    All complaints, both street and device complaints, are collected on the SOM-DEN Web platform, where they are pending processing through the relevant agency.

       You can consult all the data of the complaint, the associated evidence, perform operations such as cancellation. All operations carried out in SOM-Den Web are traceable so that you can check who has modified a file and when.

     SOM-Den Web offers all the management and supervision functionalities of the activity: registration and configuration of agents, streets, infractions, management of the list of special license plates (white and black lists), history of detections, queries to DGT, e-mail alarms, management of bank collections, reports and statistics.


SOM-WS is our integration tool with the other systems used in the municipality:

•       Parking meters and mobile applications for payment of regulated parking for obtaining paid tickets and cancellations.

•       Devices used to automate the control of the regulated parking system

•       DGT platform to check all the data of the controlled vehicle

•       Tax management and collection systems

More than 100 municipalities throughout Spain (example: Roses Local Police, Badajoz OAR, Lleida Local Police, Palfrugell Local Police, Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Santiago de Compostela City Council) use SomIntec solutions, which are also integrated with other organizations such as the Barcelona Provincial Council, Badajoz Provincial Council, Girona Provincial Council, La Selva Regional Council and the Island Council.