Centralized processing for Public Administrations

SOM-Tram solution allows you to manage the processing of municipal sanctions from the SOM-DEN Web platform. From the notification to the user to the management of the allegations, the enforcement process and the sending of the DGT points, SOM-Tram streamlines everything the administrative work associated with the processing.

  • Management of the entire life cycle of the files.
  • Dashboard for monitoring the status of the files. 
  • Connection with DGT ATEX 5 to obtain vehicle and owner data.
  • Notification of offenders by SICER and DEV and upload of acknowledgments of receipt. 
  • Notification of points to DGT. 
  • Generation of reference of Notebook 60 of modality 2 and 3.
  • Management of collections and resolutions. 
  • Executive route and urgency.