Integrations and custom developments

Flexible and customized software solutions

SomInTec can adapt its solutions to the customer’s environment through custom integrations and developments that can be evaluated on demand. Our flexibility allows us to digitize and optimize operations in a simple and efficient way, as well as to eliminate many laborious  performed daily by civil servants and citizens: maintenance of parallel databases, export and import of information from one system to another, etc.

Every day we have new technological advances that offer us the possibility of improving and streamlining tasks. Our digital infrastructure grows, but its decentralization can limit us, so we need a channel that allows us to bring together all the elements and share information at any time from any point or device. From SomInTec we work to unify under the same intercommunication platform the different processes involved in your service, seeking at all times to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of this and promoting the integration and unification of the various solutions.


  • Integration with most of the means of payment for regulated parking in Spain: the main manufacturers of parking meters (Flowbird, MEYPAR, Parkare) and mobile payment applications (AparcarE), Easypark, Telpark, Flowbird, e-park, AMB applications – SMOU, SPRO, Park&Ride).
  • Integration with a wide range of control devices (fixed and mobile radars, photo-reflectors, LPR cameras for access control and ZBEs, on-board LPR devices such as MultaCar / Visual Car), either by connection to the equipment or by receiving publications from them.
  • Bidirectional integrations (data synchronization and file processing) with different processing agencies: Diputació de Girona (XALOC), Diputació de Barcelona (DIBA), Diputació de Tarragona (BASE), Diputació de Badajoz, own systems type GT-Win or GTT.
  • Integrations with several municipal registers and resident management databases.
  • Web for the management of resident vouchers.
  • Web for the cancellation of complaints.
  • Complete on-demand transport solution (mobile applications for users and carriers, back-office management).

Specialized consulting

Our extensive and proven experience in the field of Public Administration allows us to offer expert consulting                services in:

  • Tax management.
  • Voluntary collection.
  • Executive collection.
  • Sanctioning proceedings (Fines, Blue Zones, Coexistence, Inspections, etc.).
  • Notifications of administrative procedures.
  • Follow-up of files.
  • Administrative procedures.