Regulated parking


Integrated solution for management of regulated parking

Os Parking is a complete mobility solution that offers all the functionalities to efficiently control the blue zone or any other form of regulated parking It incorporates all the necessary tools for a comprehensive and digitised management of regulated parking: SOM-PDA mobile application for attendants, SOM-DEN Web management web platform, AparcarE mobile payment application, integrations with the main manufacturers of parking meters and developers of mobile payment applications (Parkeon, Parkare, MEYPAR, etc.) and with LPR devices on-board vehicles. OS-Parking is designed for concessionary companies and/or municipalities and SOMINTEC can adjust the project to the needs of each client.

  • Speeds up and automates the process of cancelling files and allows connection with any number plate capture device such as DeltaCar.
  • It manages all the information related to the service, such as ticket validity, C60 charges, vehicle type and export to processing bodies.
  • Manages the residents of the municipality, allowing the creation of particular business rules in accordance with the by-laws.

The officers, equipped with PDAs with ALPR, consult in real time the status of the vehicle with all the means of payment or parking authorisation in order to proceed or not to issue a fine. 

Centralized management of complains

Field operations are monitored from the control centre, user complaints are managed and complaints are processed. The client is totally autonomous in all aspects of configuration (agents, streets, infractions, etc.).

Control automation

OS-Parking also allows the use of OCR devices such as ControlCar to improve and automate control operations for more efficient parking regulated zone. 

Mobile payment 

OS-Parking offers a customised and flexible mobile payment solution to enable 100% ticketless management.


Mobility solution to facilitate the work of Mobility Officers, enabling them to check the payment status of a vehicle and issue electronic reports.

SOM.Den Web

The management interface that allows you to consult, configure and manage all system information: parking zones and rates, complaints, processing, alarms and much more.


Connects the solution with the entire municipal environment for automated management: parking meter manufacturers, mobile payment APP, processing system, OCR devices.


mobile payment mobile payment solution that allows payments, cancellations and refunds in case of early termination of parking.

For the citizen

          With AparcarE mobile app on iOS or Android devices, citizens can quickly and efficiently pay for parking throughout the municipality. AparcarE can                   also be used to obtain tickets for free, time-limited parking spaces (loading and unloading, people with reduced mobility).


•   It also connects to all means of payment used in the municipality, both parking meters and other mobile applications, so the solution does not change the normal operation of the service.

        To cancel complaints, OS-Parking also includes a website to facilitate the process for users once they have left the municipality.


For watchman

        A Using SOM-PDA installed on a smartphone, the enforcement officers scan the number plate and the app returns all associated information
returns all the associated information: validity of the parking ticket, membership of an authorised list, history of complaints, etc.

       Based on this information, they can report the vehicle and print the associated report on a bluetooth printer connected to the smartphone. In the case of cancellable vehicles, the cancellation conditions and the associated code are indicated on the report.

For Manager

             Once issued, the complaint is on the SOM-DEN Web platform pending processing through the relevant body.

      You can consult all the details of the complaint, the associated evidence and carry out operations such as cancellation. All operations carried out on SOM-DEN Web are traceable to check who has modified a file and when.

    SOM-DEN Web offers all the activity management and supervision functionalities for the manager, for example: registration and configuration of users, zones, rates, streets, offences, management of special number plate lists, monitoring of the geolocation of the security guards, encrypted internal messaging, history of detections made with SOM-PDA, checking of parking tickets, e-mail alarms, reports and statistics.  

Control with in-vehicle LPR devices

      OS-Parking offers the possibility of connecting on-board LPR devices on vehicles (Visual Car or Multa Car, for cars, motorbikes, scooters, etc.) to carry out an initial mass check, detect fraud and directly indicate to the parking attendants via SOM-PDA the location of vehicles without a valid parking ticket in order to proceed with their verbalisation. The location of vehicles without a valid parking permit to proceed with their verbalisation via SOM-PDA.