Centralized management platform
and processing of sanctions

SOM-DEN Web is an online platform for centralized management and processing of all sanctions issued in the municipality, in terms of parking, traffic and coexistence. It works in an integrated manner with SOM-PDA and the installed control devices (fixed and mobile radars, photored cameras, LPR cameras for access control or ZBEs, Multacar, etc.).

  • Integration with Android smartphone.
  • Easy to use Customizable menu.
  • It works online and offline.
  • Encrypted connections.
  • Allows you to attach images to the complaint.
  • Verification of complaints.
  • On-site payment through virtual TPV.
  • Printing of notifications
  • Centralized administration of: police files and reports, DEV notifications, edictal publications, collections with Notebook 60, deduction of points, allegations and appeals.
  • Web platform accessible from any device by user and password.
  • Online integration with DGT / AOC / DEV / TEU.
  • Modular tool for: traffic sanctions and other ordinances, regulated parking complaints, management of towing operations.
  • Deployable in cloud mode or on premises.
  • Multi-user management with permission profiles.
  • Traceability of all actions carried out with auditing.
  • Management and editing of files and associated tests.
  • Management of collections with barcodes C60.
  • Activity summary dashboard.
  • Livemap for visualization on the map of the guards, complaints issued, alarms, etc.
  • Module for complete processing of files.
  • Module for the validation of sanction proposals issued by the control devices.
  • Crane module for the validation of proposals and the management of deposits.
  • Verification of parking titles of AparcarE and other means of payment.
  • Interaction with agents through SOM-PDA (messaging, notifications, agent position history), history of all detections made.
  • Generation of alarms and warnings in the event of any incident and sending by email.
  • Connection with DGT ATEX 5 to obtain vehicle and owner data.
  • Compatible with any database (Oracle, SQL Server, Access, MySQL, etc.).
  • License plate recognition ANPR functionalities, pixelate faces and other license plates automatically on images.
  • Configuration of the entire project: laws, infractions, agents, street, parking zones and rates, special license plate lists (white, black, residents).
  • Integrations with the client’s environment to facilitate daily operations (lists of authorized or resident license plates, processing system, municipal register).